Tuesday, October 19, 2010

GUS MOZART'S MB/ KHSU, 90.5/ MON., 18 OCT. 2010

From Francis Ford Coppola's often wrongfully lambasted 1982 film, One From the Heart, where he built an entire set of the Las Vegas strip. Surreal, stunning and a great soundtrack provided by Tom Waits (with the vocal assistance of Crystal Gayle).

Blues For Pablo/ MILES DAVIS & GIL EVANS (’57, Miles Ahead)

What Is This Thing Called Love (C. Porter)/ FRANK SINATRA (’55)

Picking Up After You/ TOM WAITS (w/ CRYSTAL GAYLE) (’82, One From the Heart st)

I Almost Lost My Mind/ CHARLIE RICH (’69, Fabulous Charlie Rich)


Tonight Will Be Fine/ TEDDY THOMPSON (’06, Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man st)

That’s Not The Part of Him You’re Leaving/ ELVIS COSTELLO (’10, National Ransom)*

Bag of Bones/ POKEY LaFARGE & THE SOUTH CITY THREE (’10, Riverboat Soul)*

I Hear Them All/ DAVID RAWLINGS MACHINE (’09, A Friend of a Friend)

Further On Up The Road/ JOHNNY CASH (’08, American V: A Hundred Highways)

Little Satchel/ SAM AMIDON (’07, All Is Well)

To The Sweet Sunny South/ FRANK FAIRFIELD (’09, self titled)

Way Down the Old Plank Road/ UNCLE DAVE MACON (’26, ’97, Anthology of American Folk Music)

Bottom Below/ HOLLY GOLIGHTY & THE BROKE-OFFS (’08, Dirt Don’t Hurt)

Open All Night/ BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (’82, Nebraska)

Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (live, Manchester)/ BOB DYLAN (’66, ’98 issue, Bootleg Series Vol. 4: Live 1966)

Into the Mystic/ JOHNNY RIVERS (’70)

Season of the Witch/ LUNA (’96, I Shot Andy Warhol st)

Soleil/ IAIN ARCHER (’06, Magnetic North)

Antenna/ THE ACORN (’07, Glory Hope Mountain)

Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House/ YO LA TENGO (’00, And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out)

Muzzle of Bees (live, Chicago/Old Vic)/ WILCO (’05, Kicking Televison: Live in Chicago)

Howl/ JUNIP (’10, Fields)*

Dream Baby Dream/ SUICIDE (’80, The Second Album)

Star Charmer/ GRINDERMAN (’10, “Heathen Child” single, b-side)*

You Are Not Alone/ MAVIS STAPLES (’10, You Are Not Alone)*

*new or recent release

Gus Mozart

Sunday, October 17, 2010

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU, 90.5/ 16 OCT. 2010

Boston-based Mr. Airplane Man, a dynamic garage duo, comprised of Margaret Garret on guitar/vocals and Tara McManus on drums/vocals recorded a killer record, C'mon DJ, at the legendary Easly-McCain Studios in Memphis, with Reigning Sound's Greg Cartwright at the production helm (and contributing guitar parts). Unfortunately, this turned out to be the band's swan song. McManus has since formed Turpentine Brothers.

You’re Good For Me/ SOLOMON BURKE (’63)

Save It/ SOLOMON BURKE (’68)

Baby I Love You/ ERMA FRANKLIN (’68, Super Soul Sister)

Let’s Get Funky/ LANGSTON & FRENCH (’68, reissue, Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note Labels)

See and Don’t See/ MARIE “QUEENIE” LYONS (’70, Soul Fever)

Please Return to Me/ THE FLEETS (’64)

Minnie Skirt Minnie/ WILSON PICKETT (’68)

Rockin’ Around (With You)/ TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS (’76, self titled)

I’m On Fire [original mix]/ DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND (’75, The Great Lost Twilley Album)

Tunnel of Love/ WANDA JACKSON (’61)

Tell Me What You Want Me to Do/ MARY WEISS (w/ THE REIGNING SOUND) (’07, Dangerous Game)

Hoodoo Voodoo/ BILLY BRAGG & WILCO (’95, Mermaid Avenue)

Turn a Square/ THE SHINS (’03, Chutes Too Narrow)

You’ve Got My Number/ THE UNDERTONES (’80, Hypnotized)

Don’t Crowd Your Mine/ LORETTE VELVETTE (’00, Rude Angel)

You Belong To Me/ ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS (’78, This Year’s Model)

LiLi/ THE CUTTERS (’01, Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!)

Fox on the Run/ SWEET (’73, Desolation Boulevard)

Rock and Roll All Night/ KISS (’75, Dressed to Kill)

1976/ REDD KROSS (’90, Third Eye)

Black Diamond/ THE REPLACEMENTS (’84, Let It Be)

Once Bitten, Twice Shy (live)/ IAN HUNTER (’80, Welcome to the Club)

Baby Strange/ T. REX (’72, Slider)

Is It My Body?/ THE BOTSWANAS (’01, Fade and Your Gone)

Strange Reaction/ SNAKE HIPS (’97, Memphis Juke)

Digging For Something/ SUPERCHUNK (’10, Majesty Shredding)*

Make You Mine/ MR. AIRPLANE MAN (’04, C’mon DJ)

Don’t Tred/ FRANKIE ROSE & THE OUTS (’10, self titled)*

Mellow Out/ JEFF THE BROTHER HOOD (’10, 7” single)

Something’s Gone Wrong Again/ THE BUZZCOCKS (’79, Different Kind of Tension)

Never Gonna Give You Up/ BARRY WHITE (’73, Stone Gon’)

*new or recent release