Thursday, April 14, 2011


Well, it's been "Wonder Week," subbing for Gus Mozart's Music Box on Mon., now Buck Calhoun! Here's a rare and lovely photo of the short-lived LA group Opal, featuring Rain Parade's David Roback and Dream Syndicate's Kendra Smith. Roback would later team up with Hope Sandoval to produce a more slicker version of this superior band. The legendary music photographer Laura Levine took this wonderful street snap of the band's main duo, circa 1987.

Soul Lam Plearn/ THE PETCH PHIN THONG BAND (’10 collection, The Sound of Siam: 1964-1975)

Heleyos/ ZIA (’09 collection, Pomegranates: Persian Pop, Funk, Folk and Psych of the '60s and '70s)

Bond 303/ ASHA BHOSLE (’84, ’07 collection, The Bombay Connection, Vol. 1: Funk From Bollywood Action Thrillers 1977-1984)

I Will Be a Good Boy/ GANG OF FOUR (’82, Songs of the Free)

Why Can’t I Touch It/ THE BUZZCOCKS (’79, ’10 reissue, A Different Kind of Tension)

Gangsta/ tUnE-yArDs (’11, whokill)*

My Girls/ ANIMAL COLLECTIVE (’09, Merriweather Post Pavilion)

Tomboy/ PANDA BEAR (’11, Tomboy)*

Coming Up/ ASOBI SEKSU (’11, Flourescence)*

Suzanne & I/ ANNA CALVI (’11, self titled)*

Hot as Day/ WYE OAK (’11, Civilian)*

Take It With You/ THE ETTES (‘09, Do You Want Power)

4 Months/ IAN FAYS (’05, The Damon Lessons)

Oceans in the Hall/ LADYBUG TRANSISTOR (’99, The Albemarle Sound)

There is a Light That Never Goes Out/ THE LUCKSMITHS w/ KAREN MORCOMBE (’07 collection, Spring a Leak)

Reno/ FINISHING SCHOOL (’03, Destination Girl)

Cardinal Points/ THE ESSEX GREEN ’06, Cannibal Sea)

Way You Walk/ PAPAS FRITAS (’00, Buildings and Grounds)

S.F. Sorrow/ THE S.F. SEALS (’95, Truth Walks in Sleepy Shadows)

Just Do It/ THE BATS (’10 comp., Stroke: Songs For Chris Knox)

Time is Nigh/ DOUG GILLARD (’09, Call From Restricted)

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea/ NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL (’98, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea)

In My Time/ KURT VILE (’11, Smoke Ring For My Halo)*

Ballrooms of Mars/ T. REX (’72, Slider)

Rocket Machine/ OPAL (’87, Happy Nightmare Baby)

I'm in Love With a Girl/ BIG STAR ('74, Radio City)

*new or recent release

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Come Gather Round Us, an outstanding Portland outfit, led by singer/songwriters Catherine Feeny and Sebastian Rogers, released a folk pop gem last year, Despair? (self released). Excellent harmonies and resourceful percussion is the hallmark of this group. Touring as a duo, Come Gather Round Us is a must-see group in live performance.

Plunge/ ENDANGERED BLOOD (’11, self titled)*

Thank You/ KERMIT DRISCOLL (’11, Reveille)*


Thurston County (live)/ THE NELS CLINE SINGERS (’10, Initiate)

Aftershocks/ JERRY MARTIEN & SHAO WAY WU (’10, The Road to Heaven)

Love Your Enemies/ WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS (’90, Dead City Radio)

Notes to the Future (live at St. Mark’s Poetry Project, ’02)/ PATTI SMITH (’02 collection, Land)

Free Money/ PATTI SMITH (’75, Horses)

Houses (Elyse Weinberg)/ VETIVER (’08, Thing of the Past)

Universal Applicant/ BILL CALLAHAN (’11, Apocalypse)*

To Be a Rabbit/ COME GATHER ROUND US (’10, Despair?)

County Line/ CASS McCOMBS (’11, Wit’s End)*

Lost in Space/ AIMEE MANN (’02, Lost in Space)

Penny Lonely/ FREEDY JOHNSTON (’10, Rain on the City)

Swim Club/ THE CAVE SINGERS (’11, No Witch)*

Save Yourself/ SHARON VAN ETTEN (’10, epic)

One Stolen Moment/ PETE MOLINARI (‘08, A Virtual Landslide)

You See Everything/ LOW (’11, C’mon)*

Agaetus Byrjun/ SIGUR ROS (’07, Hvarf/Heim)

Vinkonur/ OLOF ARNALDS (’10, Innundir Skinni)

Hang Me, Oh Hang Me/ THE DEEP DARK WOODS (’07, Hang Me, Oh Hang Me)

Rambling Fever (Merle Haggard)/ BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY & THE PICKET LINE (’09, Funtown Comedown)

Great Atomic Power/ THE LOUVIN BROTHERS (’61, ’95 collection, When I Stop Dreaming)

What’s Good/ LOU REED (’92, Magic and Loss)

*new or recent release

Sunday, April 10, 2011

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU, 90.5/ SAT., 9 APRIL 2011

Los Amigos Invisibles, a sincerely energetic band from Venezuela was signed by David Byrne after hearing an early release of the band in a NY record store. A mixture of '80s funk (especially that little guy - Prince), new wave, rock and South American rhythms make this band a blast to watch perform and listen to.
Monkey See, Monkey Do/ THE BUDOS BAND ('05, self titled)
Oye Como Va/ TITO PUENTE ('63, '10 collection, Nu Yoria Roots!)
Cumbia del Desierto/ LOS DESTELLOS ('10 collection, The Roots of Chicha 2)
Corduroy/ LOS AMIGOS INVISIBLES ('11, Not So Commercial)*
Immigrant Song/ MOUNTAIN MOCHA KILIMANJARO ('09, self titled)
Rocket USA/ SUICIDE ('77, self titled)
Cosmic Cars/ THE DIRTBOMBS ('11, Party Store)*
Before Destruction/ SPOON ('10, Transference)

Biro Pen/ CORNERSHOP w/ BUBBLEY KAUR ('11, Cornershop & the Double-O Groove Of)*
42 West Avenue/ CASHIER NO. 9 ('08, 7" single)
My Girls/ ANIMAL COLLECTIVE ('09, Merriweather Post Pavilion)
Here to Fall/ YO LA TENGO ('10, Popular Songs)
Ballade de Melody Nelson/ SERGE GAINSBOURG ('71, Historie de Melody Nelson)

Sugar Man/ RODRIGUEZ ('70, '08 reissue, Cold Fact)
Bottle of Blues/ BECK ('98, Mutations)
Outer Realms/ THE CAVE SINGERS ('11, No Witch)*
Drover/ BILL CALLAHAN ('11, Apocalypse)*
Walking Backwards/ DAMON & NAOMI ('11, False Beats and True Hearts)*
Witches/ LOW ('11, C'mon)*
Hefner and Disney/ T-BONE BURNETT ('82, Proof Through the Night)

Red Desert/ PERNICE BROTHERS ('05, Discover a Lovelier You)
Chasing the Tide/ THE SUPERIMPOSERS ('05, self titled)
Deep See Diving Suit/ THE LUCKSMITHS ('07 collection, Spring a Leak)
That's Entertainment/ THE JAM ('80, Sound Affects)
In a Dream Life You Need a Rubber Soul/ THE CLEAN ('09, Mister Pop)
One Day/ SHARON VAN ETTEN ('10, epic)

I'll Be True to You/ SPENCER WIGGINS ('65, '01 collection, The Goldwax Story)

*new or recent release