Sunday, October 10, 2010

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU, 90.5/ SAT., 9 OCT. 2010

Former Thin Lizzy Irish frontman, Phil Lynott, released his first solo effort, Solo in Soho, in 1980. This star-studded gem (and Lynott's finest) is where Dirtbombs leader Mick Collins plucked Lynott's "Ode to a Blackman" for Ultraglide in Black.

A Salty Salute/ GUIDED BY VOICES (’95, Alien Lanes)

Do Li Do/ ENSEMBLE PIN (’08, Believer magazine comp.)

Another Man Done Gone/ ODETTA (’54, The Tin Angel)

Unreleased Backgrounds/ THE BEACH BOYS (’66, Pet Sounds)

Carolyn’s Fingers/ COCTEAU TWINS (’88, Blue Bell Knoll)

Soon/ MY BLOODY VALENTINE (’91, Loveless)

Moby Octopad/ YO LA TENGO (’97, I Can Hear the Heart Beat As One)

Kingdom of Lies/ FOLK IMPLOSION (’99, One Part Lullaby)

Hot Freaks/ GUIDED BY VOICES (94, Bee Thousand)

Pipeline/ JOHNNHY THUNDERS (’78, So Alone)

I Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Gorehound/ THE CRAMPS (’83, Smell of a Female)

Preachin’ the Blues/ GUN CLUB (’81, Fire of Love)


Down on the Street/ THE STOOGES (’70, Fun House)

Ode to a Black Man [Solo in Soho/ PHIL LYNOTT]/ THE DIRTBOMBS (’01, Ultraglide in Black)

Brown Paper Sack/ REIGNING SOUND (’02, Time Bomb High School)

Aw Sh*t Man/ THE MINUS 5 (’06, The Epistle Dedicatory)

Strange Town/ THE JAM (’79)

Everything at Once/ SUPERCHUNK (’10, Majesty Shredding)*

Only a Girl/ REDD KROSS (’93, Phaseshifter)

Don’t Lie to Me/ BIG STAR (’72, #1 Record)

Pretty Girls Go Insane/ OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY (’05, Our Love Will Change the World)

Crimson Enemy/ THE BATS (’09, The Guilty Office)

She’s Got Everything/ THE KINKS (’68, ’72 collection, Kinks Kronikles)

I Don’t Know/ THE UNDERTONES (’81, Positive Touch)

Rock Hard Times/ EELS (’03, Shootenany!)

Ghost World/ AIMEE MANN (’99, Bachelor No. 2)

Dear Boy/ PAUL McCARTNEY (’71, Ram)

Inside Story/ DON McGLASHAN (’10, Stroke: Songs For Chris Knox)

Happy Nightmare Baby/ OPAL (’87, Happy Nightmare Baby)

Come to Me/ MARK LANEGAN (w/ PJ HARVEY) (’04, Bubblegum)

Howl/ JUNIP (’10, Fields)*

You Goin’ Miss Your Candyman/ TERRY CALLIER (’72, What Color is Love)

*new or recent release