Thursday, November 25, 2010


Ballad of the Soldier's Wife/ MARIANNE FAITHFULL & CHRIS SPEDDING ('85, Lost in the Stars)

I’ll Be Your Mirror/ THE VELVET UNDERGROUND W/ NICO (’67, self titled)

Crazy Car/ OLOF ARNALDS (’10, Innundir Skinni)*

Cursed Sleep/ BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY (’06, The Letting Go)

Lovely Day (demo)/ BIG STAR (’74, ’09, Keep an Eye on the Sky)

Tell Me What You Want/ AUTUMN DEFENSE (’10, Once Around)*

Staraflur/ SIGUR ROS (’07, Hvarf/Heim)

It’s Only Time/ MAGNETIC FIELDS (’04, i)

Hearts of Iron/ HANDSOME FURS (’04, Plague Park)

Frozen Gtr./ THURSTON MOORE (’07, Trees Outside the Academy)

Come On/ SNAKEHIPS (’10, Month of Sundays)

Colored Lights/ STEVE WYNN & THE MIRACLE 3 (’10, Northern Aggression)*

Buffalo Boots/ LUNA (’04, Rendezvous)

Bluebeard/ COCTEAU TWINS (’93, Four-Calendar Café)

Always/ JUNIP (’10, Fields)*

Another Hollow Line/ THE YOUNG KNIVES (’06, Voices of Animals and Men)

Lazy Line Painter Jane/ BELLE & SEBASTIAN (’97, Lazy Line Painter Jane ep)

Hey Lloyd I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken/ CAMERA OBSCURA (’06, Let’s Get Out of This Country)

Weeping Wine/ LLOYD COLE (’91, Don’t Get Weird on Me Babe)

A Place in My Heart/ ORANGE JUICE (’84, Texas Fever ep)

Pas Adieu/ FABIENNE DELSOL (’10, On My Mind)*

Hit the Snow/ THE AISLERS SET (’00, The Last Match)

Sex With An X/ THE VASELINES (’10, Sex With An X)

Pretty Girls Go Insane/ OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY (’04, Our Love Will Change the World)

Comfy in Nautica/ PANDA BEAR (’07, Person Pitch)

Towers of London/ XTC (’87, Black Sea)

Real Men/ THE JAZZ BUTCHER (’84, A Scandal in Bohemia)

Why Can’t I Touch It?/ THE BUZZCOCKS (’79, ’10 reissue, A Different Kind of Tension)

*new or recent release

Sunday, November 21, 2010

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU, 90.5/ SAT., 20 NOV. 2010

Poet, artist, musician, composer and activist Patti Smith now can add a National Book Award to her mountain of accolades. Her memoir, Just Kids, about her intense creative and personal relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe won 2010's award for Non Fiction. Well-written and unsentimental view of growing up in NY during the 1970's and 1980's. Congratulations Ms. Smith, a well-deserved recipient!

Shaft in Africa/ JOHNNY PATE (’73)

Return to Gijon/ THE NEW MASTERSOUNDS (’06, 102%)

Immigrant Song/ MOUNTAIN MOCHA KILAMANJARO (’09, self titled)


TV Eye/ THE STOOGES (’70, Fun House)

You Got Me Hummin’/ REIGNING SOUND (’04, Too Much Guitar)

Preachin’ the Blues/ THE GUN CLUB (’81, Fire of Love)

I Asked For Water/ HOWLIN’ WOLF (’56)

Shake Your Hips/ SLIM HARPO (’66)

How It Rained/ LORETTE VELVETTE (’00, Rude Angel)

Honky Tonk Part 1/ BILY DOGGETT (’63)

I Believe in You/ CAT POWER (’08, Jukebox)

Hard Row/ THE BLACK KEYS (’03, Thickfreakness)

Riding With Mary/ X (’82, Under the Black Sun)

Earthquake Heart/ THE DIRTBOMBS (’03, Dangerous Magical Noise)

She’s My Baby/ THE MOJO MEN (’66)

I Was a Teenage Werewolf/ THE CRAMPS (’80, Songs the Lord Taught Us)

So You Wanna Be (A Rock n’ Roll Star)/ PATTI SMITH GROUP (’79, Wave)

Ihop/ LUNA (’97, Pup Tent)

Hammering Castle Bird Man/ MIKE WATT + MISSINGMEN (’10, Hyphenated-Man)*

Goin’ Out West/ TOM WAITS (’92, Bone Machine)

Feeling Gravity’s Pull/ R.E.M. (’85, ’10 reissue, Reconstruction of the Fables)

What Presence? (12” version)/ ORANGE JUICE (’84, The Orange Juice; ’10 box set, Coals to Newcastle)*

Dry the Rain/ THE BETA BAND (’97, ’99 collection, The 3 EP’s)

Inner City Blues/ RODRIGUEZ (’70, Cold Fact)

I Move Around/ LEE HAZELWOOD (’66)

Frenchette/ DAVID JOHANSEN (’78, self titled)

Crazy Car/ OLOF ARNALDS (’10, Innundir Skinni)*

People Make the World Go Round/ THE STYLISTICS (’71, self titled)

This Land is Your Land/ SHARON JONES AND THE DAP-KINGS ('05, Naturally)

*new or recent release