Tuesday, November 11, 2008

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU-FM, 90.5/ TUES., 11 NOV. 08

Change is Gonna Come/ OTIS REDDING (’66, Otis Blue)
Superstar/ SONIC YOUTH (’94, If I Were a Carpenter)
Why We Fight/ TORTOISE (’95, 7” single, A Lazarus Taxon)
Nothing Ever Happened/ DEERHUNTER (’08, Microcastle)*
No Llama/ JUANA MOLINA (’08, Un Dia)*
Up on the Sun/ THE MEAT PUPPETS (’85, Up on the Sun)
Cancelled Check/ BECK (’98, Mutations)
Houses/ VETIVER (’08, Thing of the Past)

42 West Avenue/ CASHIER NO.9 ('08, 7" single)*
Pages Turn/ 28TH DAY (’85, original release; ‘03, Complete Recordings)
Buffalo Boots/ LUNA (’04, Rendevouz)
Soleil/ IAIN ARCHER (’06, Magnetic North)

New Sensations/ LOU REED (’84, New Sensations)
Tower of Song/ LEONARD COHEN (’88, I’m Your Man)
Moby Octopad/ YO LA TENGO (’97, I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One)
Telegram Sam/ T. REX (’72, The Slider)
Hang On/ TEENAGE FANCLUB (’93, Thirteen)

Love Me Anyway/ STEVE WYNN (’08, Crossing Dragon Bridge)*
Do You Love Me/ NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS (07, Let Love In)

Via Chicago/ Spiders (Kidsmoke)/ WILCO (’07, live, Troutdale)
*new or recent release

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