Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Velvet Underground's frontman Lou Reed and chanteusse Nico check out the late 1960's NY terrain. The late singer, actor and bus driver (for the Velvets in the early years of touring) still casts a looming artistic influence.
BOY WONDER (Sub For G.M. Music Box)/ 10 PM - MIDNIGHT

Larkspur/ JOHN ZORN (’09, Alhambra Love Songs)

Believe/ THE SCOTT AMENDOLA BAND (’05, Believe)

Be Bread/ MYRA MELFORD (’06, Be Bread)

Kertesz/ A HAWK & A HACKSAW (’09, Delivrance)*

Wishful Thinking (live, ’08)/ WILCO (’09, Ashes of American Flags)

Sisters of Mercy (live, ’08)/ LEONARD COHEN (’09, Live in London)

Agaetis Byrjun (live, acoustic)/ SIGUR ROS (’07, Hvarf/Heim)

Two Doves (feat. Angel Daradoorian)/ DIRTY PROJECTORS (’09, Bitte Orca)*

These Days/ NICO (’67, Chelsea Girl)

Times Square/ MARIANNE FAITHFULL (’90, Blazing Away)

My Friend/ BILL CALLAHAN (’09, Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle)*

A Place Called Home/ PJ HARVEY (’00, Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea)

Yacht Dance/ XTC (’82, English Settlement)

Freckle Song/ CHUCK PROPHET (’07, Soap and Water)

The Race Is On/ YO LA TENGO (’06, I’m Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass)

If I Needed Someone/ THE BEATLES (’65, Rubber Soul)

Feelin’ (’89 BBC session)/ THE LA’S (’06, BBC in Session)

1880 or So/ TELEVISION (’92, self titled)

Beauty of the Draft/ KEANE BROTHERS (’06, Blues and Boogies Shoes)

Alibi/ LUNA (’02, Close Before Striking)

Houses/ VETIVER (’08, Thing of the Past)

Dear One/ PISCES (late ‘60’s, ’09, A Lovely Sight)*

Le Verre Pile/ FRANCOIZ BREUT (’00, Vingt a Trente Mille Jours)

Horseback Tenors/ EFTERKLANG (’07, Parades)

Galileo (Someone Like You)/ DECLAN O’ROURKE (’04, Since Kyabram)

*new or recent release

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