Saturday, August 8, 2009

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU-FM, 90.5/ SAT., 8 AUG. 2009

The beloved and great Willy DeVille, seated with his first wife, Toots, at CBGB's in the mid-1970's. DeVille sadly passed away a few days ago in NY. While in high school, the Boy Wonder bought a Mink DeVille 45 single, "Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl" b/w "Spanish Stroll" and was promptly blown away. If Springsteen was "The Boss" of Ashbury Park, NJ, then Willy DeVille was "The Prince" of Alphabet City, NYC (Lower East Side). Hoist a glass for the late LES crooner. You'll be missed. Check out the latest NY Times obit piece on Mr. DeVille.


Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl/ MINK DeVILLE (’77, Cabretta)

Spanish Harlem/ BEN E KING (’61)

Out in the Street/ THE SHANGRI-LA’S (’65)

My Babe/ LITTLE WALTER (’58)

Bossa Cubana/ LOS ZAFIROS (mid 1960’s, ’99)

She Wants to Mambo/ JOHNNY THUNDERS & PATTI PALLADIN (’85, Copy Cats)

Slow Drain/ MINK DeVILLE (’80, Le Chat Bleu)

Hollywood Bed/ THE BLASTERS (’02, Trouble Bound)

Automatic/ THE RED DEVILS (’92, King, King)

25th Floor/ PATTI SMITH GROUP (’78, Easter)

Rip Her to Shreds/ BLONDIE (’77, self titled)

Maria/ THE SHORT FUSES (’01, How Many Bands Does It Take to Screw Up a Blondie Tribute?)

Pleasure Seeker/ THE BOTSWANAS (’01, Fade and You’re Gone)

1976/ REDD KROSS (’90, Third Eye)

Shackles and Chains/ SNAKE HIPS (’93, Lit)

Brown Paper Sack (Larry Rogers)/ THE REIGNING SOUND (’02, Time Bomb High School)

Live Fast Die Young/ KING KHAN & THE SHRINES (’08, Supreme Genius of…)

Savoir Faire/ MINK DeVILLE (’80, Le Chat Bleu)

Bad Taste/ THE COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS (’95, Gambling Days Are Over)

My Own Sake/ HOLLY GOLIGHTLY (’96)

Psycho/ THE SONICS (’65)

Kick Your Heels/ PRISONSHAKE (’93, The Roaring Third)

Pen/ THE SIMPLE ONES (’95, Worth the Weight)

Jane of the Waking Universe/ GUIDED BY VOICES (’97, Mag Earwhig!)

Losing Hand/ THE ROYAL PENDLETONS ('03, A History of Memphis Garage Rock: The 90’s)

Shakin’ All Over/ JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES ('60)

Walking With a Mountain/ MOTT THE HOOPLE (’70, Mad Shadows)

Waiting For My Man/ THE VELVET UNDERGROUND (’67, The Velvet Underground & Nico)

Bull Black Nova/ WILCO ('09, Wilco (The Album))*

*new or recent release

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