Sunday, January 17, 2010

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU-FM, 90.5/ SAT., 16 JAN. 2010

Ms. Binoche has joined the meandering line of feline friends from France. Welcome Juliette to the Hot Circle zone. It's getting rather Betty Blue around here...

If You Don’t Think/ ANNA KING (’64, Back to Soul)

See and Don’t See/ MARIE “QUEENIE” LYONS (’70, Soul Fever)

Mama Feelgood/ LYNN COLLINS (’73)

Minnie Skirt Minnie/ WILSON PICKETT (’68)

Run That Thru Your Mind/ THE FEMININE COMPLEX (’69, Livin’ Love)

He’s Not There Anymore/ THE CHYMES (’66, ’09 collection, Where the Action Is LA Nuggets ’65-’68)*

I Want Candy/ THE STRANGELOVES (’65, ’98, Nuggets, Vol 4)

This Year’s Girl (live '78)/ ELVIS COSTELLO & ATTRACTIONS (’10 Live at Hollywood High)*

Old World/ THE MODERN LOVERS (’76, self titled)

Dance This Mess Around/ THE B-52’S (’79, self titled)

8’s/ THE SAN FRANCISCO SEALS (’94, Now Here)

Better Luck/ THE PLUGZ (’81, Better Luck)

Spring Rain/ THE GO-BETWEENS (’85, Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express)

For the Price of a Cup of Tea/ BELLE AND SEBASTIAN ('06, The Life Pursuit)

I’m Not in Love/ THE TALKING HEADS (’78, More Songs About Buildings and Food)

Got Nuffin/ SPOON (’10, Transference)*

Date w/ Ikea/ PAVEMENT ( ’97, Brighten the Corners)

You Satisfy Me/ BOSTON SPACESHIPS (’08, Brown Submarine)

Come On/ SNAKEHIPS (’10, Month of Sundays)*

Rock On/ T. REX (’72, Slider)

Casino Queen/ WILCO (’95, AM)

Waste Your Time/ FREEDY JOHNSTON (’01, Right Between the Promises)

It’s Alright/ THE COME-ONS (’01, Hip Check!)

Who’s the Mystery Girls?,/ NEW YORK DOLLS (’74, Too Much Too Soon)

Yoo Hoo/ IMPERIAL TEEN (’98, What Is Not to Love)

The Singer/ NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS (’86, Kick Against the Pricks)

Guilty/ PETE MOLINARI (’09, Today, Tomorrow and Forever)

In the Ghetto/ ELVIS PRESLEY (’69)

Inner City Blues/ RODRIGUEZ (’70, ’08 reissue, Cold Fact)

41 West Avenue/ CASHIER NO. 9 (’08, 7” single) [No Dancing Records]

Underground Sun/ ROBYN HITCHCOCK & THE VENUS 3 (’06, Ole Tarantula!)

Love at First Sight/ XTC (’87, Black Sea)

*new or recent release

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