Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Originally from Rockford, IL, youthful singer/songwriter Lissie Maurus has released an impressive ep, Why You Runnin', on Fat Possum. Throw in a dose of Bobbie Gentry and Jeannie C. Riley, with a contemporary edge, and you get an idea what Lissie is capable of. Only time will tell how the transplanted Southern Californian survives the road, the business and all the rest. Good luck. Really.

Divining/ THE NELS CLINE SINGERS (’10, Initiation)*

Hydrosphere/ YUKO HONDA (’10, Heart Chamber Phantoms)*

Thurston County(live at CafĂ© du Nord, SF, 3 Sept. 09)/ THE NELS CLINE SINGERS (’10, Inititiation)*

New Hampshire/ SONIC YOUTH (’04, Sonic Nurse)

Frozen Gtr/ THURSTON MOORE (’07, Trees Outside the Academy)

Salt Truck/ ELENI MANDELL (’07, Miracle of Five)

Rain on the City/ FREEDY JOHNSTON (’10, Rain on the City)*

The Gravity of Levity/ LILA NELSON (’08, Letter Home)

First Light/ IDA (’08, Lovers Prayers)

Take Care the Road You Choose/ RICHARD THOMPSON (’07, Sweet Warrior)

Listening Heart/ PETER GABRIEL (’10, Scratch My Back)*

Shake That Devil/ ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS (’08, Another World ep)

Under the Waves/ PSEUDOSIX (’07, Pseudosix)

Burning House of Love/ X (’95, Unclogged)

Little Lovin’/ LISSIE [MAURUS] (’10, Why You Runnin’ ep)

Back Side of Dallas/ JEANNIE C. RILEY (’69, Things Go Better With Love)

Success/ KELLY WILLIS (’07, Translated From Love)

Every Little Girl/ DALE HAWKINS (late 50’s/early ‘60’s)

Satisfied Mind/ PETE MOLINARI (’09, Today, Tomorrow and Forever)

The Singer/ NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS (’86, Kicking Against the Pricks)

Better Things/ MAGNETIC FIELDS (’10, Realism)*

Heads Will Roll/ ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN (’83, Porcupine)

Goldfinger(live, 31 Jan. ’97, Fillmore, SF)/ TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS (’09, Live Anthology)

*new or recent release

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