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B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU, 90.5/ SAT., 11 DEC. 2010

St. Louis native, Ann Peebles carved her soul style, with a deep funk groove, in Memphis, signed to Willie Mitchell's Hi Records. On her 1971 release, Part Time Love (which her self-penned song, "I'll Get Along," is featured), Peebles' soul funk is backed by the legendary Hi house band, including the Hodges brothers. Peebles still remains a greatly overlooked Memphis soul great.
Just One More Day (live)
/ OTIS REDDING (’66, ’10 issued, Live on the Sunset Strip)

Willy Nilly/ RUFUS THOMAS (’65)

You’ve Been Cancelled/ ERMA FRANKLIN (’68, Super Soul Sister)

Nothing But a Heartache/ THE FLIRTATIONS (’69)

I’ll Get Along/ ANN PEEBLES (’71, Part Time Love)

Crazy About You Baby/ THE HELLCATS (’90, Hoodoo Train)

Jump, Jive & Harmonize/ Come On Now/ THE PLIMSOULS (’81, ’10 issue, Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal)

Do You Wanna Love Me?/ PAUL COLLINS (’10, King of Power Pop)

I Need You/ THE KINKS (’65)

Everybody’s Happy Nowadays/ THE BUZZCOCKS (’79, A Different Kind of Tension)

Annalisa/ PUBLIC IMAGE (’78, Public Image: First Issue)

Dirty Knails/ LES SAVY FAV (’10, Root For Ruin)*

Dishonest John/ THE JIM JONES REVUE (’10, Burning Your House Down)*

Devil Doll/ X (’83, More Fun in the New World)

Rope Light/ SUPERCHUNK (’10, Majesty Shredding)

Colored Lights/ STEVE WYNN & THE MIRACLE 3 (’10, Northern Aggression)*

Consolation Prizes/ IGGY POP & JAMES WILLIAMSON (’77, ’10 remastered, Kill City)

Trash/ NEW YORK DOLLS (’73, self titled)

Nervous Breakdown/ EDDIE COCHRAN (’58)

Candy’s Room/ BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (’78, Darkness on the Edge of Town)

Star Charmer/ GRINDERMAN (’10, Grinderman 2, bonus tracks)

You Can Take Your Time/ NINA NASTASIA (’10, Outlaster)

Death Rattles/ WOODS (’10, At Echo Lake)

Suburban War/ ARCADE FIRE (’10, The Suburbs)

Ambivalent Landscape Z/ EXTRA LENS (’10, Undercard)*

Nothing’s Changed/ OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY (’10, Seemingly Solid Reality)

Falling and Laughing/ ORANGE JUICE (’82 version, ’10 collection, Coals To Newcastle)*

Howl/ JUNIP (’10, Fields)*

Today is Gonna to Be Mine/ DAVID KILGOUR (’01, A Feather in the Engine)

Rain on the City/ FREEDY JOHNSTON (’10, Rain on the City)

*new or recent release

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