Sunday, January 9, 2011

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU, 90.5/ SAT., 8 JAN. 2011

The inventive, quirky and fun band, Deerhoof, will be offering a great new release, Deerhoof vs. Evil, on Polyvinyl Record Co. It's been recorded in the band's Oakland rehearsal space and guitarist, Ed Rodriguez's Portland basement. No outside engineers or producers. Perhaps their most cohesive and assessable full-length to date.

All I Want/ LCD SOUNDSYSTEM (’10, This is Happening)

Metal/ GARY NUMAN (’79, ’98 remastered, The Pleasure Principle)

Do You Love Me?/ NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS (’94, Let Love In)

Waitin’ For A Superman (alt. version)/ THE FLAMING LIPS (’99, The Soft Bulletin)

Remember Last Time/ AVI BUFFALO (’10, self titled)

Alter Ego/ TAME IMPALA (’10, Innerspeaker)*

Astronauts/ OTOUTO (’10, Pip)*

Sunlight/ tUnE-yArDs (’09, BiRd-BrAiNs)

The Perfect Me/ DEERHOOF (’07, Friend Opportunity)

Suspended Head/ THE NELS CLINE SINGERS (’02, Instrumentals)

The Merry Barracks/ DEERHOOF (’11, Deerhoof vs Evil)*

Desire Lines/ DEERHUNTER (’10, Halcyon Digest)*

Satellites/ THE BATS (’09, The Guilty Office)

Crystal Lake/ GRANDADDY (’02, The Sophtware Slump)

Crash Years/ THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS (’10, Together)

How I Left the Ministry/ THE EXTRA LENS (’10, Undercard)*

Up on Crutches/ THE SEA AND CAKE (’07, Everybody)

Bridge/ ORANGE JUICE (’84, ’10 collection, Coals to Newcastle)

It’s Easier/ JOHN GRANT (’10, Queen of Denmark)

Save Yourself/ SHARON VAN ETTEN (’10, epic)*

Lonely Sea/ STEVE ALMAAS & ALI SMITH (’06, You Showed Me)

How Long/ MR. AIRPLANE MAN (’04, C’mon DJ)

I Did My Part/ THE HELLCATS (’90, Hoodoo Train)

Willie/ CAT POWER (’06, The Greatest)

*new or recent release

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