Sunday, March 20, 2011

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU, 90.5/ SAT., 19 MARCH 2011

Yes, before Prince, there were masked dancing bandits from India (here, a still from awesome 1965 Bollywood film, Gumnaam). Bombay Connection has released two excellent volumes of Bollywood, The Bombay Connection, Vol. 1: Funk From Bollywood Action Thrillers 1977-1984 and Bombay Connection, Vol. 2: Bombshell Baby of Bombay, Bouncin' Nightclub Grooves From Bollywood Films 1959-1972. If have a shred of interest in Bollywood soundtrack music, these two collections are a must.

Don’t Knock My Love [Wilson Pickett]/ DENNIS COFFEY (w/ FANNY FRANKLIN) (’11, self titled)*

Na Na Na Yeh Kya Karne Lage Ho/ HEMLATA (’80, ’07 collection, The Bombay Connection: Vol. 1 Funk From Bollywood Action Thrillers 1977-1984)

The Bluff Master (title music)/ KALYANJI-ANADJI (’62, ’07 collection, Bombshell Baby of Bombay, Vol. 2 Bouncin’ Nightclub Grooves From Bollywood Films 1959-1972)

Giraffe Trapping Music/ SAPAN-JAGMOHAN (’78, ’07 collection, The Bombay Connection: Vol. 1 Funk From Bollywood Action Thrillers 1977-1984)

The Biro Pen/ CORNERSHOP (w/ BUBBLEY KAUR) (’11, Cornershop and the Double-O Groove of)*

Sharevari/ THE DIRTBOMBS (’11, Party Store)*

Secret Mobilization/ DEERHOOF (’11, Deerhoof vs Evil)*

Metal/ GARY NUMAN (’79, The Pleasure Principle)

North American Scum/ LCD SOUNDSYSTEM (’06, Sound of Silver)

That’s Not My Name/ THE TING TINGS (’08, We Started Nothing)

Lion in a Coma/ ANIMAL COLLECTIVE (’09, Merriweather Post Pavilion)

He Gets Me High/ DUM DUM GIRLS (’11, He Gets Me High ep)*

The Queen is Dead/ THE SMITHS (’86, The Queen is Dead)

Sister Surround/ THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES (’02, Behind the Music)

Thick As Thieves/ THE JAM (’79, Setting Sons)

Falling Away/ THE PLIMSOULS (’98, Kool Trash)

Almost Ready/ DINOSAUR JR. (’06, Beyond)

Funny Face/ THE MUFFS (’95, Blonder and Blonder)

Yoo Hoo/ IMPERIAL TEEN (’98, What is Not to Love)

Unsatisfied/ THE REPLACEMENTS (’84, Let It Be)

Hanna/ THE PARTING GIFTS (’10, Strychnine Dandelion)

I Am the Cosmos/ CHRIS BELL ('77, ’92 issue, I Am the Cosmos)

Start Again/ TEENAGE FANCLUB (’97, Songs From Northern Britain)

The Alibi/ LUNA (’02, Close Cover Before Striking ep)

Witches/ LOW (’11, C’mon)*

Little By Little/ RADIOHEAD (’11, King of Limbs)*

Galileo (Someone Like You)/ DECLAN O'ROURKE ('03, Since Kyabram)

*new or recently released

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