Sunday, April 3, 2011

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU, 90.5/ SAT., 2 APRIL 2011

The most recent film by Kurdish-Iranian filmmaker, Bahman Ghobadi, No One Knows About Persian Cats, a fictional central storyline mixed with real-life experiences of part of the underground music scene in Tehran, Iran has just become available on DVD. Ghobadi, who gained well-deserved international attention in 2000 with his first feature, A Time For Drunken Horses, drew on stories of Kurdish villagers, connected by culture, language and music. Here, with Persian Cats, he follows the story of Negar Shaghaghi and Ashkan Koshanejad, who are the nucleus of Take Home Hospital, who are attempting to get a band together to perform in London. The obstacles are enormous, and Ghobadi follows this interesting labyrinth that illustrates the conflicted modernity of Iran. If bands from "western" industrialized countries start whining about how hard things are, see this film.

Soft Crush [Konono No. 1]/ TUSSLE ('10, Tradi-Mods vs Rockers)

Listening Wind/ TALKING HEADS (’80, Remain in Light)

Robots/ KRAFTWERK (’09 remaster, collection, The Mix)

All I Want/ LCD SOUNDSYSTEM (’10, This is Happening)

Sound and Vision/ DAVID BOWIE (’77, Low)

Hoy Supe Que Viajas [Kasai Allstars]/ JUANA MOLINA (’10, Tradi-Mods vs Rockers)

Me and You/ TAKE CARE HOSPITAL (’10, No One Knows About Persian Cats st)

Welcome/ CLINIC (’02, Walking With Thee)

Alleys of Your Mind/ THE DIRTBOMBS (’11, Party Store)*

Clap Hands (live)/ TOM WAITS (’88, Big Time)

Towers of London/ XTC (’80, Black Sea)

Fri/end/ THURSTON MOORE (’07, Trees Outside the Academy)

In My Time/ KURT VILE (’11, Smoke Ring For My Halo)*

Where Are You/ J MASCIS (’11, Several Shades of Why)*

Endless Grey Ribbon/ NICK LOWE (’79, ’11 reissue, Labour of Lust)

America!/ BILL CALLAHAN (’11, Apocalypse)*

Slipping (Into Something)/ THE FEELIES (’86, 11 reissue, The Good Earth)

Double Feature/ LUNA (’95, Penthouse)

From a Window to a Screen/ THE dB’S (’82, Repercussion)

Try to Sleep/ LOW (’11, C’mon)*

Hearts of Iron/ HANDSOME FURS (’07, Plague Park)

Heads Will Roll/ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN (’82, Porcupine)

Jack the Ripper/ NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS (’92, Henry’s Dream)

In the Wait/ THE PLUGZ (’81, Better Luck)

Just Like Anyone/ AIMEE MANN (’99, Bachelor No. 2)

Two Small Deaths/ WYE OAK (’11, Civilian)*

*new or recent release

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