Sunday, June 26, 2011

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU, 90.5/ SAT., 25 JUNE 2011

One-man garage band NJ-based Bosco Delrey recently released his full-length debut, Everybody Wah, recorded in Memphis, TN at the infamously cool Easley-McCain Recording, released on Diplo's Mad Decent Records. The result? Throw T. Rex, slapback vocals, an assortment of dance beats, a cheap guitar, old synthesizers and a beat box, and put it all in an oddball (yet brilliant) blender; you have one hell of a debut. And it's damn funny to boot.

Glow Go the Bones/ BOSCO DELREY (’11, Everybody Wah)*

Welcome/ CLINIC (’02, Walking With Thee)

Monk Time/ THE MONKS (‘66, ‘09 issue, Black Monk Time)

Pump It Up (live, ’78)/ ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS (’78, Live at the El Macombo)

Small Stakes/ SPOON (’02, Kill the Moonlight)

I’m Waiting For My Man/ THE VELVET UNDERGROUND (’67, The Velvet Underground & Nico)

The Way to Market Station/ THE AISLERS SET (’00, The Last Match)

He Gets Me High/ DUM DUM GIRLS (’11, He Gets Me High ep)*

In the Wait/ THE PLUGZ (’81, Better Luck)

Candy Machine/ STEVE WYNN & THE MIRACLE 3 (’03, Static Transmission)

Hammering Castle Bird Man/ MIKE WATT + THE MISSINGMEN (’10, Hyphenated-Man)

Out of Luck/ BLUES EXPLOSION (’93, Mo’ Width)

Big in Japan/ TOM WAITS (’99, Mule Variations)

Way Down in the Hole (Waits)/ COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS (’95, Gambling Days Are Over)

Strange Disposition/ THE PARTING GIFTS (10, Strychnine Dandelion)

Diamond Way/ JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD (’11, We Are the Champions)*

Golden Age/ TV ON THE RADIO (’08, Dear Science)

Skateland/ MAGIC KIDS (’10, Memphis)

Chalkhills and Children/ XTC (’89, Oranges & Lemons)

Surf’s Up/ BRIAN WILSON (’04, Brian Wilson Presents Smile)

Lorelai/ FLEET FOXES (’11, Helplessness Blues)*

Towers/ BON IVER (’11, Bon Iver)*

Little Miss Queen of Darkness/ THE KINKS (’66, Face to Face)

This is Where I Belong/ BILL LLOYD (’94, Set to Pop)

Watch the Sunrise (single version)/ BIG STAR (’72, #1 Record)

Sara/ CHAD VANGAALEN (’11, Diaper Island)*

Sylvie (Leadbelly)/ HARRY BELAFONTE (’56, Belafonte)

When I First Came to Town/ NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS (’92, Henry’s Dream)

I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts/ X (’83, More Fun in the New World)

Movin’ Down the Line/ RAPHAEL SAADIQ (’11, Stone Rollin’)*

*new or recent release

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