Sunday, December 11, 2011

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU, 90.5, SAT., 10 DEC. 2011

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Marissa Nadler released her fifth release, Marissa Nadler, on her own Box of Cedar label. And, it's an amazing sleeper. Produced and engineered by Brian McTear, who runs the Philly-based Miner Street/Cycle Sound Recordings, where Sharon Van Etten recorded her breakthrough record epic. Nadler's songs are nuanced, with a gorgeous sound that compliments her voice and song with simple perfection. Hence, Ms. Adler's recent record snuck into my "Best of 2011" list.


In the Basement, Pt. 1/ ETTA JAMES & SUGAR PIE DESANTO (’66)

Misery/ BARRETT STRONG (’61)

How Long/ CHARLES BRADLEY (’11, No Time For Dreaming)

Money is King/ LEE FIELDS & THE EXPRESSIONS (’09, My World)

Uzi (Pink Ring)/ EL MICHELS AFFAIR (’09, Enter the 37th Chamber)

How Long Do I Have To Wait For You/ SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGS (’05, Naturally)

Love Ain’t Nothing/ JOHNNY NASH (’64)

Bad Boy [’57, Lil Armstrong]/ MINK DeVILLE (’80, Le Chat Bleu)

She Wants to Mambo/ JOHNNY THUNDERS & PATTI PALLIDIN (’88, Copy Cats)

Lucille/ LITTLE RICHARD (’57)

Bedroom Eyes/ DUM DUM GIRLS (’11, Only in Dreams)

Baby I Love You/ THE RONETTES (’63)

Hanna/ PARTING GIFTS (’11, Strychnine Dandelion)

Gold on the Ceiling/ THE BLACK KEYS (’11, El Camino)*

Baby Strange/ T. REX (’72, Slider)

Top of the World/ CHEAP TRICK (’78, Heaven Tonight)

Cruella DeVille/ THE REPLACEMENTS (’88, ’97 collection, All For Nothing) [Sire]

Satisfied/ TOM WAITS (’11, Bad As Me)* [Anti-]

Don’t You Want It/ GOLDEN MEAN (’05, Black Operation) [Feralette]

Stars/ THE CLEAN (’01, Getaway) [Merge]

Covers/ THE SEA & CAKE (’11, The Moonlight Butterfly)* [Thrill Jockey]

Doors Unlocked and Open/ DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE (’11, Codes And Keys) [Atlantic]

Knots/ LISA HANNIGAN (’11, Passenger)* [ATO] [3:30]

The Sun Always Reminds Me of You/ MARISSA NADLER (’11, self titled)

Father to a Sister to a Thought/ PAVEMENT (’95, Wowee Zowie)

Candy Says/ VELVET UNDERGROUND (’69, self titled)

Nighttime/ BIG STAR (’78, Third/ Sister Lovers)

You Are Not Alone/ MARVIS STAPLES (’10, You Are Not Alone)

Valley of Tears/ SOLOMON BURKE ('06, Nashville)

*new or recent release

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