Sunday, August 12, 2012

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHUS, 90.5/ SAT., 11 AUG. 2012

South Carolina-based singer/songwriters Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent came together and made a collaborative record entitled Shovels & Rope in 2008. The name stuck with the duo, who eventually got hitched - artistically and personally. Now, under the moniker of Shovels & Rope, the powerful duo, rooted in county, Americana folk, rockabilly and straight-up rock & roll, have delivered a new, excellent recording, O' Be Joyful, filled with kick-ass, revival-like execution and fire-spit spirit. If you don't know them, check out their video of them performing an earlier song, "Gasoline," excerpted from a two-year documentary film project that will finally be wrapped after several Charleston, SC hometown shows in several weeks:
Cash on the Barrelhead/ LOUVIN BROTHERS (’56)
Kemba’s Got the Cabbage Moth Blues/ SHOVELS & ROPE (’12, O’ Be Joyful)*
Get Out of My House/ HOLLY GOLIGHTLY & THE BROKEOFFS (’11, No Help Coming)
Steel Strings No. 1/ PETER CASE (’11 collection, The Case Files)
That Certain Female/ CHARLIE FEATHERS (‘50s)
The Call of the Wrecking Ball/ THE KNITTERS (’85, self titled)
I’m on Fire/ WHTEY MORGAN & THE 78’S (08, Honky Tonks and Cheap Motels)
Out of Control/ GEORGE JONES (’60)
Why Don’t You Love Me Like You Used to Do/ ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS (’81, Almost Blue)
It Came Out of the Wilderness/ PETE MOLINARI (’08, A Virtual Landslide)

Can’t Hardly Stand It/ CARY ANN HEARST & MICHAEL TRENT (’08, Shovels & Rope)
The Singer/ NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS (’86, Kicking Against the Pricks)
Signs & Signifiers/ J.D. McPHERSON (’12, Signs & Signifiers)*
How Soon is Now/ THE SMITHS (’84 collection, Hatful of Hollow)
There is a Light That Never Goes Out/ DUM DUM GIRLS (’11, He Gets Me High EP)
The Nu Temptations/ REDD KROSS (’12, Researching the Blues)*

Come On Baby Grace/ BOSTON SPACESHIPS (’11, Let It Beard)
Anthem/ KING TUFF (’12, self titled)*
Gimme a Beer/ DIAMOND RUGS (’12, self titled)*
Do the Shake/ THE RENEGADES (’02, The Man Without a Past ST)
Ye-Ye/ EIKO SHURI (’67, ’09 collection, Nippon Girls)

Crimson Enemy/ THE BATS (’09, The Guilty Office)
Skull/ SEBADOH (’84, Bakesale)
Join My Gang/ THE LONG RYDERS (’83, ’11 reissue, Native Sons)
Twilley Don’t Mind/ DWIGHT TWILLEY (’77, Twilley Don’t Mind)
That Time is Gone/ THE DB’S (’12, Falling Off the Sky)*
Feelin’/ THE LA’S (’89, ’06 collection, BBC in Session)

Are You Ready to Die/ CARY ANN HURST (’11, Lions & Lambs)
Your Life is Gone/ REPARATA (’72, ’09 collection, The Laurie Records Story: Vol. 3)
No One Like You/ BEST COAST (’12, The Only Place)*
Golden/ KELLY HOGAN (’12, I Like to Keep Myself in Pain)*

Pretend That You Love Me/ SONNY & THE SUNSETS (’12, Longtime Companion)*
*new or recent release

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