Saturday, September 12, 2009

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU-FM, 90.5/ SAT., 12 SEPT. 09

Enter the House of Flying Hot Circles. The Boy Wonder officially welcomes the lovely and talented Chinese actress (and international star), Ziyi Zhang to the Hot Circles family (even though she already adorns the "header" of this blogsite). She especially likes slow-burning soul and Nels Cline's guitar playing. Ms. Zhang's got good taste.


Give Him a Great Big Kiss/ THE SHANGRI-LA’S (’64, ’94 collection, Myrmidons of Melodrama)

I Can’t Hear You/ BETTY EVERETT (’64, ’07 collection, Goffin & King: 1961-1967)

Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/ SOLOMON BURKE (’64)

Farmer John/ THE PREMIERS (’64)

Whatcha Doin’ in the Woods?/ THE HELLCATS (’90, Hoodoo Train)

Going Down to Harlem/ JOHNNY THUNDERS & PATTI PALLADIN (’88, Copy Cats)


Dizzy Miss Lizzie/ THE PLIMSOULS (’81, ’92 reissue, self titled)

Shackles and Chains/ SNAKE HIPS (’93, Lit)

20th Century Boy/ T. REX (’73, Tanx)

People Ain’t No Good/ THE CRAMPS (’86, Date With Elvis)

Reptile/ 7 WORLDS COLLIDE w/ LISA GERMANO (’09, The Sun Came Out)*

San Diego Zoo/ THE 6THS w/ BARBARA MANNING (’95, Wasps Nests)

Hallalujah Blues/ PETE MOLINARI (’08, A Virtual Landslide)

Over & Done/ 7 WORLDS COLLIDE w/ JOHN STIRRATT (’09, The Sun Came Out)*

If You Know Time/ ROBYN HITCHCOCK (’04, Spooked)

Open All Night/ BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (’82, Nebraska)

I Want You Around (orig. version)/ THE RAMONES (’81, ’90 collection, All The Stuff (and More), Vol. 2)

Danny Says/ TOM WAITS (’06, Orphans)

Across the Wire/ CALEXICO (’03, Feast of Wire)

Fanfare/ ERIC MATTHEWS (’95, It’s Heavy in Here)

Buffalo Boots/ LUNA (’04, Rendezvous)

Spiders (Kidsmoke)/ WILCO (’05, Kicking Television: Live in Chicago)

Candy Machine/ STEVE WYNN & THE MIRACLE 3 (’03, Static Transmission)

Loose/ THE STOOGES (’70, Funhouse)

Driving Death Valley Blues/ MARK LANNEGAN (’04, Bubblegum)

Sabotage/ THE BEASTIE BOYS (’94, Ill Communication)

Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind/ YO LA TENGO (’06, I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass)

*new or recent release

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