Saturday, September 19, 2009

B.W.'s PLAYLIST/ KHSU-FM, 90.5/ SAT., 19 SEPT. 09

The beautiful, talented and lovely singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Lisa Germano contributes throughout the new (excellent) 7 Worlds Collide project release, The Sun Came Out (organized by Neil Finn as a benefit for Oxfam). Germano reprises her earlier "Reptile" while also providing stirring string and vocal parts to the "supergroup" of musicians, including members of Wilco and Radiohead and New Zealand luminaries. Pictured here at a 2006 performance in Frankfurt, Germany, courtesy of Lorent Orseau. Lisa, welcome to the World of Hot Circles, old friend (Book Soup comrade).

All Hail the Queen/ QUEEN EVE & THE KINGS (’06, 7” single) [Melting Pot Music]

Let Me Come Within/ RENALDO DOMINO (’07 collection, Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation)


(’05, Naturally)

Don’t Children Pay For Your Mistakes/ JOE TEX (’57)

Rock Boppin’ Baby/ IRWIN THOMAS (’57)

Other Side of Town/ JOHNNY RIVERS ('66))

Come On Over (Turn Me On)/ ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN (’08, Sunday at Devil Dirt)

Long Time Gone/ DON McGLASHAN/ 7 WORLDS COLLIDE (’09, The Sun Came Out)*

Palmcoder Yanjna/ THE MOUNTAIN GOATS (’04, We Shall All Be Healed)

What’s Good/ LOU REED (’91, Magic and Loss)

And Your Bird Can Sing/ THE BEATLES (’66, ’09 remastered reissue, Revolver)

Merely a Man/ XTC (’89, Oranges & Lemons)

Women’s Realm/ BELLE & SEBASTIAN (’00, Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant)

Under the Waves/ PSEUDOSIX (’07, self titled)

Krill/ CALIFONE (’09, All My Friends Are Funeral Singers)*

Big Black Car/ BIG STAR (’75, ’92 reissue, Third/Sisters Lovers)

Riot Act/ ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS (’80, Get Happy!!!)

In the Evening/ NINA NASTASAI & JIM WHITE (’07, You Follow Me)

Military Madness (orig. ’71, Graham Nash) / WOODS (’09, Songs of Shame)*

Love Me Anyway/ STEVE WYNN (’08, Crossing Dragon Bridge)

At Night/ THE GREENHORNES (’05, East Grand Blues)

Time Will Tell/ HOLLY GOLIGHTLY (’03, Truly She is None Other)

I Need You/ THE KINKS (’65)

Hey Hey My My/ FOUR PIECE SUIT (’96, Ready to Where?)

Me and My Monkey/ THE FEELIES (’80, Crazy Rhythms) [A&M]

Train Surfing/ JIM CARROLL (’98, Pools of Mercury)

Definitely Clean/ DREAM SYNDICATE (’82, The Days of Wine and Roses)

The Freed Pig/ SEBADOH (’91, III)

Hotline Operator/ THE CONSTANTINES (’06, Tournament of Hearts)

Rosewood, Wax, Voltz + Glitter/ RED RED MEAT (’94, ’09 reissue, Bunny Gets Paid)*

*new or recent release

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